What Exactly Working in the Hospitality Field Entails

Hospitality industry involves a broad range of carreer choices in the service industry. It implies catering jobs, cruise ships jobs, tourism sector jobs, lodging and accommodation jobs and event planning.

As you might already know, the whole focus of this industry is the care for the clients and customers, their happiness and high level of satisfaction. The jobs offers are broad, and they start from the bottom level, up to the ma86543841-1024x682nagerial positions. The industry is divided into several bigger categories: events, food and beverage, travel and tourism and hotel and accommodation.

  • Events planning jobs. The people working in this field are exclusively dedicated to the planning of important events in people’s lives: weddings, graduations, anniversaries, baptisms, celebrations, and so on. A wide range of roles can be undertaken in this industry, from arranging and setting up venues to food catering, from serving to actual managerial handling.
  • Food and beverage jobs. Restaurants, pubs and coffee shops personnel includes many positions, starting with hosts, hostesses, bartenders, chefs, assistant chefs. Each individual branch has its own specialties: Sous chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, baristas. The management and finance departments personnel is included too. Quality standard controllers, administrators, restaurant operators are some additional opportunities available in this field.
  • Travel and tourism jobs. This area offers many great opportunities for people which have many things in common with leisure and travel and are passionate about their surroundings. The jobs found in this category start at the information centres, and go up to tour guides. Each type of guide can have its own specialty, for example cultural or adventure tourist guide.
  • Hotel and accommodation jobs. The hotel industry is amongst the biggest in the world. In a hotel, with bar, restaurants and bedrooms, job possibilities are endless: managerial positions, hotel operators, accommodation staff, room attendants, receptionists, housekeeping, porters, concierges, guests liaisons and the list can go on: in spite of the booming “airbnb” industry, hotels are still prevalent and therefore there are many positions in this category waiting to be filled.