Highly Rated Hospitality Programs with Respective Salaries

The hospitality industry is wide having a variety of degrees with an equally varying salary. You will notice different institutions offering the same program with slightly unique content. This is mostly due to the competitive edge and available facilities. When it comes to salary payment, most companies choose to pay according to the skills you bring to the table. However, most of them will fall within a certain bracket. Here is a look at some of them.

Hotel Manandrew-byrne-general-manager-thistle-hyde-park_dnm_galleryager Job

It is a common employment opportunity that is subject to variable remuneration depending on the employer. However, most of them would pay around $100,000 annually for people with a university degree. Your task here is generally to monitor, control, organize and guide daily operations of a particular hotel. If done well, this job attracts better salaries as seen in numerous big hotels that pay millions to their managers. You will have to be patient and experienced to stand a chance at such huge salaries.

Casino General Manager

As with the hotel manager, your job here will be to direct, control and organize daily operations of the Casino. Skills needed to manage a casino are slightly different from those needed to manage a hotel. This is why you will find most institutions offering special programs on this one. However, you stand to currently earn about $200, 000 per year as a Casino General Manager. To be one, you will be required to have a hospitality management degree together with 12 years of experience working in this field to attract such salaries.

Regional Chef Salary

The average annual salary for a regional chef in US is currently pegged at $120, 000 in most companies. For you become a regional chef, you will have to master the art of creating your own menus, negotiating contracts, buying hotel supplies and training other chiefs. Besides your bachelor’s degree, you will need over 10 years of experience to land such a job. These are just some of the top paying jobs in the hospitality industry. There are the numerous fields that you can validly opt for.