Foundation Courses in Postgraduate Hospitality Programs

As part of the whole master’s degree program requirements, students are expected to study two core courses in ethics and capstone. However, you will also need to study foundation courses as part of the fulfillment requirements in most top institutions. There are four of them according to provisions by the Higher Learning Commission. A combination of the four helps equip students with the much needed hospitality management concepts that will help deliver better managers in this industry.

Operatioglionhospitalitystudents2012325820130618013244_zps2b3e3479ns and Service Management

It is the first course among the four that basically seeks to help students understand vital issues in strategic and logistical examination of operations in an institution. It thus provides intensive assessment of the whole industry giving students insights on skeletons of different logistical operations. One will thus be able to understand the variable managerial models that suit different setups.

Managerial Accounting and Finance

In this course, you will get to learn how to analyze figures and transactions when in a top leadership role with the aim of improving efficiency in service delivery. You will be able to demonstrate principle of accounting while also citing legal entities and their essence in this field. Upon completion, you will be able to make managerial decisions logically and be able to defend them.

Sales & Marketing and Hospitality Communication

Here, a person is equipped with skills on brand awareness and perception. The manner in which customers view your service will greatly determine your business success. You will thus get to learn the principles of marketing that will help come up with effective strategies that will target a wide number of customer segments.

Human Capital and Labor Management

Finally, when you enroll for a master’s degree, you will be able to learn how to manage human capital. Understanding the best practices in handling staff or employees will help come up with perfect communication and motivational strategies that generally improve productivity. As you already know; the hospitality industry is wide with numerous possibilities. You will get to choose other elective courses during the master’s degree program.