Courses in Hospitality

Hospitality is probably one of the oldest businesses out there in the history of economics. Since the moment small, sedentary societies or communities were formed, humans began traveling in search for a better life, commerce, trade, and adventure. Usually, travelers were loners and traveled perhaps on foot or horseback and so they needed to stop along the way here and there in order to rest, let their horse rest, feed them and perhaps even drink clean water, wine or

In the beginning, there were places where drinks were offered, like taverns, but also households where it was normal to let strangers stay overnight in exchange for something valuable, be it currency, spices or something else that the family would be in need of. Living conditions were usually precarious and families were normally really big, given that there were no contraceptive methods, so it was difficult to make do and keep all the needs of your family members satisfied.

Hospitality could mean anything related to catering the needs of the traveler, guest or stranger. Usually these involved food, beverages and sleep and sometimes, even sex. So, it was common that taverns offered escort services and prostitution flourished in these areas. Sometimes, there were particular places that offered these services alone, but more often than not, booze was also involved. The word hospitality originates from a Latin word, and the word hospital originates from this same word, given that the purpose of such an institution is to care for sick guests and nurture them back to health.

More about hospitality can be learned by taking a master’s in hospitality management, available at many universities in the world. Courses can range from food and beverage services to entertainment, hosting, spa related activities, sports etc. Prestigious hotels and casinos usually hire personnel with a degree in such areas.