Core Courses for Any Masters Degree in Hospitality

The hospitality field offers a wide number of postgraduate degree programs. Many people who intend to get better employment terms prefer enrolling for master’s degree programs. Before enrolling in any institution, it is very important to ensure that the quality of their postgraduate degree is at par with the expectations in this field. You don’t want to be a half-baked postgraduate student due to low quality syllabus or wrong choice of a master’s degree institution. According to the Higher Learning Commission guidelines, any master degree program in hospitality should consist of two core courses.

The Two Core Courses

Your preferred institution should be able to offer two basic core courses namely Ethics and Capstone. Every student in the field of hospitality should undertake the two for the master program to be recognized by the commission. You are supposed to take the first ethic course during the first semester while Capstone can be studied during the last semester.

Ethics and Leadgrowing-our-green-leaderserships in Hospitality

A key part of success in this industry revolves around being able to recognize one’s values and the consideration of those values. It is what makes the difference between those who succeed in leadership and those who fail. This course thus sets the tone for students to not only hone academic skills, but also equips them with important leadership skills much needed at this level. Students are thus exposed to collaborative projects that will seek to help them in decision making process. You must score more than a B here to be safe for graduation in most institutions.

Capstone Course Details

This is basically the research part of the master’s degree program in hospitality management. Students are given the last semester to provide original work on a wide range of topics in this sector. Research skills are thus important. This course gives you the chance to synthesize practical and theoretical content effectively and put them down in one creative research project. You will have to score more than a B here to have graduation approval.